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WhatsApp status in English one line

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Smartphones have become super colossal and crowd pleasing because many free messaging applications have launched which entirely makes it more popular. Whatsapp is the new messaging app crowning above all. The idea that this app is plainly a messaging app with no ads, games, reminders, gimmicks and extra banners, is the major reason that users get addicted to it. This chat application is user friendly and efficient in its operational tasks with no shutdowns and blackouts. Man is a social animal. Over the years the evolution has crafted the diamond from the charcoal.

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Every random word we use, doodles we draw and expressions of our body parts are a sum total of our behavior and the current situation. The WhatsApp status defines the kind of personality he/ she possess. WhatsApp status is a feature by WhatsApp to define the feelings, mindset, likes and dislikes of a person via a single line. This one line status is also a symbol of the current situation that the person is facing. There are three major things which can well be defined and interpreted through a person’s one line status.

  • MOOD- What exactly the person is feeling and what he wants to share with world?
  • Life’s predicaments- Each status defines the current overwhelming thought that the person experiences.
  • Random Thoughts – Like, the day I downloaded quora, after few hours, something struck me.

Short Status for WhatsApp

Short Status for WhatsApp, good status for whatsapp, short status for whatsapp in english

Whatsapp statuses are short and precise. According to the policy of its company, the status limit is up to 139 figures. Thereby, allowing the user to constrain their writings within this particular figure. This provides the contact members of the user more comfort in reading a brief explanation rather than a long monotonous composition. Short WhatsApp statuses are easier to read and interpret. A long status becomes boring and people might ignore and scroll out for something else. Probably, this becomes a prime and valid reason for the CEO of WhatsApp to make it precise and easier to be read.


Two Line Status for Whatsapp in English

The status defines a person’s mindset, passion, hidden desires, goals, promises, hatred and his ideas. For example,

  • “Whenever i have a problem, I just sing, and then I realize my voice is worse than my problem.”

This depicts the jolly or currently happier mood of the user.

  • • “When I miss you it seems every song I listen to is about you.”

Thereby, representing a rather depressed attitude of the person. Looking through this feature that the WhatsApp offers, one can make quite an estimate of the attitude and temperament of the person on the other side and thus creates it an easier way too approach, reproach and interpret about the person accordingly.