7 Social Media Video Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Starting a new business? Don’t know whether it will scale or not? Finding ways to reach your target audience and gain traction? 

If you’re struggling with these questions, this article is for you! 

The online market is growing every day and today’s youth do not wish to work under someone in a company and follow a systematic guideline. They are seeing the problems in our society and are trying to solve them to the best of their capabilities by starting their own business. But, with new businesses starting almost every day, it has become hard for audiences to make decisions and they usually tend to ignore most ads on social media even if they see them a couple of times. 

With online marketing growing exponentially, the competition for new businesses as well as established ones is also increasing. Seeing the level of competition in the online space today, many companies have found a new method of social media marketing which they call, “Video Marketing”. These are short, animated, and attractive videos of 20-30 seconds uploaded on various social media handles which attract audiences. There is no doubt that uploading attractive and innovative videos on social media is a very important part of a successful, long-term content marketing strategy. After all, it is video content that is driving various social media handles today to such a great extent and will continue to do so for a very long time. When you look around, all you will find are brands using their videos to connect to their target audience and build a long-term relationship with them. 

Here are some of the Social Media Video Marketing tips that would help you scale your small business to reach a greater audience. 

1: Do not Upload Links-

Whenever you plan to launch any video which represents your brand or promotes any of your products, you should make sure that you upload it directly to social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many companies generally upload all their videos on YouTube and then paste their link on social media which makes the reach decrease exponentially as no one would take the pain to click on a link. You should upload the video in such a way that it appears on the Social Media feed of your target audience.

2: Short Videos are the best-

These days, no one has time to see long 9-10 minute videos. If you are a small business, you should make sure that you upload short, and value-oriented small business videos on your social media handles. This would help you with 2 things, the chances of people seeing the full video and sharing it with their friends would increase, and additionally, short videos will allow you to post at regular intervals. This will keep you fresh in your target audience’s memory and would convert them into customers soon. 

3: The First Few Seconds is the key-

According to a study by Microsoft, most viewers stick to the video only if they like the initial 10 seconds of the video. If your video does not start well, no one will watch it. Thus, if you are a start-up, you should make sure that the initial 10 seconds of your videos are made with utmost creativity.

4: Tell a Story- 

These days, brands that tell the best stories are the ones that build a connection with their audiences. This helps attract the most amount of viewers for their brand or their newly-launched products. Start-ups need to take care that whichever video they upload on social media, should convey a story. This encourages your audience to stick with your brand for longer. 

5: Add Call to Action Buttons-

Social Media is a great way of marketing your business to a wider audience but it is not the only way. At the end of the day, you will need the audience to go and check out your website and buy the products or services that you sell. Thus, one should always add a call-to-action button which can be in the form of links leading customers to a specific product or your website. This will not only promote your brand but will also lead the customers to buy and show interest in your products or services.

6: Know what the customers are looking for-

It is not just about promoting your brand through videos on social media. A brand should also know what its customers want. Refer to your FAQs page to understand what your customers are looking for or what area you should revolve your next video on. This would help your brand connect with the customers in a better way. 

7: Live Sessions-

People generally connect with brands or companies who are active on their social media handles. You don’t have to just keep uploading regular videos, a company can also have some interactive live sessions with their customers where both the parties can communicate. Testimonials are the best way of gaining the trust of an audience and what better way of keeping the testimonials forward than a live session. 

Thus, to conclude, these were some of the points that a brand should follow to reach their target audience and compel them to turn into your customers. 

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