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If you want to know best and short quotes on motivation then, for sure, you will find some classic and helpful motivation quotes here. The word motivation is derived from a word ’motive’ which means needs or desires in a person. It is an act of trying to take out a person’s quality to make him more useful.

Searching for short motivational quote? Find best motivational quotes, words and messages. Get positive motivational quotes about life and for work.

You generally would find people who are less interested in social activities or doing some individual social work they pay no attention to if they should bring their presence prominent among the others. You do not find what’s wrong with such people and why do they not take part in activities that can brighten up their conscience. Such people lack motivation in the is truly said that it is us who can motivate our own self by taking help from others and by knowing the follies that we are making.

Best Motivational Quotes

Best motivational quotes are important for you. Motivating people can either be a source of bringing pleasure in their lives or letting them know their qualities and abilities which might be hidden. It also realizes that they are a solid part of society. Although I know that it is hard for us to understand and realize why this takes place and why people does not let them to be encouraged by their contributions to the society but still it is possible to understand some of the facts that can lead us to the conclusion of this question. Here you can find short but best motivational quotes.

People’s behavior counts a lot in this regard. It is more often sees that majority does not feel if do good or you perform well somewhere. They get jealous of seeing abilities that you might have and do not know the way they express their jealousy. At that particular time you will find people ignoring you or sometimes they tell you that you have been doing wrong, just to spoil the confidence in you by the way.  A person who is more intelligent can easily understand the intentions that those people might have for him. He easily understands that their jealousy is forcing them to let him down. They immediately decide what to do or should not be skipped. They do not bother if people give negative comments about the things he has rightly done. He never gives up. But in other cases you would find many who caught in this cage of jealousy. They get easily embarrassed when people discourage them with bad words. They feel like they have done something which can create a negative standard. You can find best variety of motivational quotes along with short motivational quotes.

Best Short Positive Motivational Quotes

Motivation should be positive always as positive motivation can change your life. Even short positive motivational quotes are important for you. Motivation can be either positive or negative. It is not only positive but negative in few terms. As people can motivate a person to understand what his hidden qualities are so are those encourage and force to do wrong. People become against of the society if you take example of the criminals they train a person by forcing and making them feel that it is completely fine to snatch someone’s purse, to rape, to rob bank and to unnecessary protest against the government to bring indiscipline and hate among the people. Find here latest short positive motivational quotes.

Motivation actually means to encourage a person to do good deeds for the well-being of the society. A weaker can do better than the stronger if motivation is behind. A very familiar example is when you see wrestling; people motivate the wrestlers by hooting and positive encouragement that leads him to the success. Discouragements should be stopped.

Motivational Quotes about Life

Our life is full of a challenge, that’s why we need to read motivational quotes about life. These motivational quotes about life are very important to keep you healthy. Power of words that changes a person’s mind is none other than the power of motivation. Family for sure, in this regard can also contribute to one’s life. Very especially your parents, siblings, guardians and extremely close relations can make you go easy without being frustrated or demoralized. They can motivate you also because they know you better than others and outsiders.

We can mold and divert the attention of the person towards the betterment.  For this you may use our positive motivational quotes that will help you understand more.

Let’s talk about motivational reinforcement. One can’t imagine the magic of positive motivational reinforcement in his life. We see people having less caliber of handling different situations and problems. They also can’t easily deal with routine based things. In this regard, people in USA or different countries take help of the guide who let them think what might be done. Psychiatrists play a wide role in this regard. Psychiatrist is a person who can support and guide you anytime. Psychiatrists force the idea of praising and encouraging they tell and guide the power of motivation. It is highly recommended in psychology to build up the morals high through is considered to be the most powerful source for building one’s positive character. Psychiatrists do the effective group therapies and much beneficial counseling for those who have negative aspects. They buck up and motivate a person to avoid bad habits and to adopt good habits by using therapies. In this regard, there are several motivational therapies that psychologists do follow for example.

  • Maslow- hierarchy of needs
  • Locke’s goal setting theory
  • Herzberg- two factor theory
  • Skinner’s reinforcement theory

One of the very famous and finest theories is known as skinner’s reinforcement theory” it is about negative and positive reinforcement”. By this method the Psychiatrists give reward of performing well or punishment if wrong is committed. Here let me clear that reward does not mean some candies or chocolates or some sort of gifts and punishment does not mean to beat or scold anyone. It means to appreciate on doing well and shows anger when he does wrong.

This theory or a kind of treatment is well known for the drug addicts. People who are drug addicts can be cured by using this phenomenal theory. Doctors apply this therapy on them and ask them to leave drugs. They give them incentives on leaving and scold on asking for drugs. In this way they take them to the positive side of life that they people have ignored. They also help them to earn that respect that they lack in society. For this sake they also organized some rehabilitation centers with an ideal atmosphere where these types of patients get counseled and leave drug addiction.

This helps the person to build his character positively and to leave what should be left. And when people understand what is correct, they never get confused. This somehow can be related to our life if you see people around us often backbite or pull you down by their actions and expression they give, it is so far impossible for someone to escape but still there are those who appreciate you and build up yourself mannerly that reinforces you ton continue the positive effort.

Another factor that needs motivation is to bring change in society because the people are now less working. In early times people were habitual of doing work with their hands but now machines have replaced them. Man power has reduced in such a way. It has brought laziness in them. They should be motivated to work for more production.

If someone finds him fail in not handling his problems, he must go to a psychiatrist that shows you the right directions to deal with your life. People generally think that consulting a psychiatrist is something that shows you are abnormal, which is totally a wrong phenomenon.  It is when you feel that you can deal with your own issues or there is no one who can help you find correct way you to the psychiatrist. It is as similar to that when we feel fever or we catch cold we see the doctor. A psychiatrist is a guide for you who gives you a good piece of advice.

Now let’s see why people are less motivated. A person who has no goals to achieve and no targets to beat is its victim. People live their lives without setting some goals for their future which is now-a-days considered the most foolish act by some people. As this modern world is progressing day by day our needs has become increased. Everyone wants to have facilities which we can’t have without planning our targets. We first, should set some goals to achieve and then we need a positive motivation to feel easy and secured.

Motivation at the work place can bring a noticeable change. We see the owners discourage their employees. They do not appreciate their work that ultimately leads the workers to leave the place and move on to another one. An efficient owner always tries to appreciate his team in order to motivate them. When they get motivated, they work better which is good for the organization. We should consider this the best technique of improvising the workers ability.

Motivation is a kind of well being. If you do appreciate people and positively motivate them by word, this must be a noble deed. We must share our thoughts with others to encourage and motivate so for this purpose we want and try to be the first to support you. You can freely check out our best and positive motivational quotes. Trust me these can actually add the meaning to your words.

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