Probate Court Brooklyn NY

Probate Court Brooklyn NY

If you’re looking for the address of the Probate Court in Brooklyn NY, you have come to the right place. Here, we’ve outlined the process and fees associated with this court. We’ll also discuss how to file a Will in Brooklyn NY. You’ll also find out where to find the Surrogate’s Court in your area. This guide is a great place to start if you have recently lost a loved one. If you are looking for a probate court in Brooklyn NY visit this website

Surrogate’s Courts

A Surrogate’s Court is a branch of a New York state’s court system that hears cases involving the affairs of a decedent. Surrogate Courts handle matters involving the probate of a will, estate administration, guardianships, and adoptions. Although these courts are not the final authority in these matters, they can help an individual navigate the probate court system.

The Surrogate’s Court handles cases related to adoption, kinship hearings, fiduciary litigation, and trust construction. In addition to probate cases, the Surrogate’s Court also handles trust construction and safe deposit box issues. The process can be complicated and time-consuming. Regardless of the circumstances, seeking legal advice early on can minimize complications and help resolve disputes quickly.


The fees for probate court in Brooklyn, NY include all costs incurred during the legal process. In addition, if the will is contested, additional fees will be charged for filing objections, demands for jury trials, and notes of issues. Most probate proceedings are expedited and inexpensive. But there are cases where the probate process will take much longer than anticipated. For these cases, attorneys may charge a flat fee or a percentage fee structure.

Probate attorneys charge fees in addition to their hourly rate. Attorney fees vary based on their experience, location, and scope of representation. Some lawyers offer flat fee agreements to ensure that the costs of their services do not exceed the value of the estate. Others charge an hourly rate, but both can be costly. Fees for probate attorneys in Brooklyn, NY are regulated by the Surrogates Court.


The Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn handles matters pertaining to the estates of decedents. The Surrogate’s Court also handles matters involving adoption, kinship, fiduciary litigation, safe deposit box issues, and trust construction. Often, probate cases in Brooklyn end in litigation. A skilled Brooklyn probate lawyer can help you navigate the probate court system and resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

The Kings County Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn, New York, hears matters related to estates and trusts, guardianships, adoptions, and open safe deposit boxes. This court is located in Brooklyn and is closed on state holidays. A Surrogate’s Court clerk will conduct the calendar call and pre-trial. The Surrogate’s Court in Brooklyn is located at 2 Johnson Street, Brooklyn, NY.


A lawyer specializing in the process of probate can help you through the entire process. Attorneys represent clients in various locations throughout New York State, including Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. They also work in Manhattan and Nassau and Suffolk counties. If you are in need of assistance in probate court, you should contact an attorney in your area today. If you don’t know what to expect, you can learn more by checking out this article.

A Brooklyn-based estate attorney can help you prepare a petition to ask the court to accept your last will and testament. The court will then appoint a fiduciary, otherwise known as an executor. The executor is responsible for marshaling and distributing the deceased’s assets to their beneficiaries. The process begins with the submission of an original will, but the estate attorney retains a copy. It’s crucial that your attorney preserves the original will for any legal purposes, as adding staples can be construed as tampering.


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