Road trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain


The United Arab Emirates offers you numerous places to visit beyond its skyscrapers and endless man-made marvels. There are also a lot of natural things that you can certainly enjoy in this beautiful country and for this, you leave the cities of the UAE and get on a road trip. For a perfect road trip, and then you are ready to explore the beauty of spectacular scenic views, lush green landscapes, dunes plains, and many more.

The UAE offers you a lot of such road trips that are full of enjoyment and natural views. You can plan these road trips along with your family and friends. One of them is a road trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain with a halt at the city of gold in between. In this blog, we are going to share a guide about your road trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. And what you can enjoy during your trip. You May Also Explore More travel experience at

Getting from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

A rental car is the best way to enjoy a road trip with your fellows. So make sure that your rental car is in good condition and can easily bear the load of passengers. When you are leaving from Abu Dhabi for Dubai, it may take you about one and a half hours to travel the distance. The estimated distance between these emirates is 139 km and you can travel through Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Street (E 10) and the capital city Ghweifat International Highway (E 11).

As you are out of Abu Dhabi city you may witness different cattle grazing on the grass, amazing sand dunes in the shades of fruits like apricots, tangerine, and peach. During your journey, you can enjoy a lot of natural and scenic views that are beyond the busy life of the cities until you reach the city of gold.

What can you do in Dubai?

Once you reach Dubai, you have a lot of things to do or visit certain places. So it is better to take some rest and then get a great lunch from a good restaurant. It will help you in making your mind fresh and you are already exploring the beauty of the city of gold. A long list of places to visit in Dubai is waiting for you and this list may include fantastic buildings, shopping malls, beaches, water and theme parks, and many other places.

  • Burj Khalifa: it is a must-visit building in Dubai as it is the highest tower in the world. Burj Khalifa is a masterpiece in true words because of its amazing architectural work and design. This skyscraper has a height of more than 800 m and you can also take a bird’s eye view of Dubai city from its top floor.
  • Dubai Mall: This mall is considered the largest shopping mall across the globe. It has more than 1200 shopping stores, 120 cafes and restaurants, and about 22 cine screens. Along with it, Dubai Mall also has 3 large car parks that have space for 14,000 cars. There are also a lot of amazing places to visit like KidZania, Dubai ice rink, and an indoor cinema complex.
  • Palm Jumeirah: it is a man-made island that is famous all around the world because of its beauty and charm. Palm Jumeirah is currently home to a lot of tourist attractions like Atlantis, Lost Chambers Aquarium, and Aquaventure Water park. It also has many luxurious villas, resorts, royal hotels, and wonderful apartments that you can book for your night stay.

Getting from Dubai to Al Ain

Now, after Dubai, you have to head toward Al Ain through the Dubai- Al Ain Road (E 66). The distance between Al Ain and the city of gold is about 147 km and it may take you an hour and forty minutes to reach there. This route also has very amazing natural views and places like mountains and deserts that will make your journey enjoyable and memorable.

Life in Al Ain

As you reach Al Ain you have a lot of things to do. In case you are reaching early in the morning, then it is the best time to head out for the camel market. In this market, you may get a glimpse of traditional Arab life and their culture. And then you go for the wonderful Arabian sun at the lush green Al Qattara oasis. Along with it, numerous palm trees make you feel fresh and calm.

Afterward, the next place for you to visit is Al Jahili Fort. It was built in 1898 and it is one of the most beautiful forts of the United Arab Emirates. You can also check out a photo exhibition of the British explorer, Sir Wilfred Thesiger that is worth visiting. And in case you are mountain lovers and love to climb and hike them then head to Jebel Hafeet. You can also enjoy panoramic views there and this mountain will lead you to the top of the Hafeet Mountains.

We hope that you will like our guide about taking a road trip from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain. so follow this guide to enjoy an outclass trip.

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