Ionic Air Purifier

Is It Safe to Use an Ionic Air Purifier?

Air ionizers are a great way to provide cleaner air and they do this by utilizing charged particles. But before you start worrying, know that most people have no problems using them.

The debate on whether or not an air ionizer is dangerous has been going strong since they first became popular. Some people believe these machines give off harmful levels of ozone which can be equally as hazardous to your health.

Others defend them by pointing out that the level should never reach unsafe limits and will only produce a tiny Minority who have any kind of breathing problems at all (less than 0.3%).

The concern over ozone exposure has caused federally-mandated standards to restrict the amount of air purifier that can emit this harmful gas. These restrictions help ensure your safety and keep potential pitfalls at bay, so you may enjoy our beautiful skies without worry. According to, Triad Aer purifiers are safe to use.  

What Is The Difference Between An Ionizer And An Air Purifier?

The two types of air purifiers in this market are ionizers and non-ionizing. There’s a lot that can be said about these devices, but let’s start by clearing up some confusion: yes they both work to clean your home or office from bacteria/ allergens.

However an “air ionizer” creates charged particles which attach themselves temporarily as opposed to creating static electricity; while ‘Ionic’ systems use metal plates within their design.

Air ionizers are a common way for people to improve their indoor air quality. They use small generators of electricity, called charges or ions; these pass through the molecules in your surroundings and make less harmful substances like pollen stick together so they can easily settle out from between strands.

What Exactly Are Air Ionizers And How Do They Work?

The first step in purifying the air is to remove any contaminants. This can be done by either using fans or filters, but an ionizer uses electricity instead. They rely on charged molecules called ions that divide up dirt into tiny bits so it’s easier for your body’s natural defenses to fight off infections more effectively.

The air we breathe is filled with positively charged particles that can come from any one or more of the following: dust, microbes, odors and airborne bacteria. These tiny specks in our environment may be contributing to health problems such as allergies via multiple routes inhalation, ingestion/dermatitis skin infections etc.

The air ionizer uses negative and positive charges to release particles into the room. These released chemicals are then attracted towards one another, bonding together in groups of about four per square centimeter or so.

The particles that form this ionized gas are too heavy to stay in flight, so they fall down and become Union Stationery. Once you get rid of all the air molecules around them or vacuum up their remains with your dust collector respectively – then these inactive metals can be collected for recycling.

What Are The Advantages Of Air Ionizers?

Negative ions are really beneficial for our natural environment. They can make you feel like your favorite place, the ocean or a serene waterfall. The benefits of negative ionization range from improving air quality to boosting moods and even increasing property values.

  • We all know the importance of clean air. That’s why our technicians are trained to get rid of dust, allergens and other airborne bacteria from your home or business so you can breathe easier at night.
  • Exposure to airborne respiratory bacteria like colds and flu is decreased, which means you’re less likely to be exposed. This can help prevent the spread of these diseases as well protect your health from Asthmatic triggers.
  • The presence of negative ions in your home can have a positive affect on how you sleep and overall mood. A study from 2012 found that when they were present, people seemed to experience less depression as well as an increased sense of happiness compared with those who didn’t enjoy these benefits.
  • This sounds too good to be true, but researchers found that negative ions can relieve depression just as effectively – if not more so- than prescribed medications. The effect is believed to come from an improved mood caused by relief of stress and anxiety along with higher levels of serotonin production in your brain. 

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